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Prohibited items

Paragraph 4

1. Items prohibited from being delivered in accordance with the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention:



Sharp metal

Items that may harm workers or deface other mail or postal equipment, regardless of   their nature or packaging. Metal buckles and needles used for mail sealing shall not   have  sharp edges and shall not interfere with the execution of postal services.。

Valuable objects

Antiquities, art, jewellery, painting, processing or unprocessed platinum, gold or silver, coins and securities. * Securities including bank notes, banknotes, bearer bonds, checks, corporate bonds, dividend certificates, promissory notes, stock certificates, stock certificates, travellers' cheques, treasury bills, bills of lading.

Goods prohibited by the country of arrival

Goods are prohibited by the country of arrival.


Animals are prohibited from being placed in the package.


Obscene or insulting items.


Bursts, compressed or liquefied gases, flammable substances, oxides, toxic substances and infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, sword sticks and other dangerous goods (such as magnetized and irritating substances).

Narcotic Drugs

Drugs and other narcotic drugs.


Prohibit mailed items, counterfeit goods and infringing products in accordance with government or customs regulations.


Note: The "Measures for the Administration of Air Transport of Dangerous Goods" was promulgated and implemented on February 25, 1997. Airborne dangerous goods (all types of 3C products containing lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and high-pressure spray cans) are illegal. It is required to impose NT$20,000 or more and a fine of less than RMB 100,000.


2. Repatriation of postal banned items in various countries (there are a large number of banned items in various countries. According to the laws of various countries, due to the customs duties and responsibilities of each country, if there are still doubts, please contact the customs of the country of destination to avoid mistakes).

National postal banned goods details.